MMA – Cardio / Boxing based Conditioning.

Current cycle: Bulk / CT once a week
Activity: CT
Training Partner: Louise

Calories intake: 1998 cals
Exercise calories: 429 Cals

KB – KettleBell , MB – Medicine Ball , SSet: super set

1 Set

1-7 Sprint + 100 boxing combo ( 100 punches then sprint forward and back between stations and back)

3 sets

100 x Punch combo (block punch movement , Any combos you choose bag work focus pad work, foot work, Evasion)
10 x Lateral burpee (boxing bag (or similar) on the ground, Jump with both feet sideways over bag then burpee)
10 x Lateral Shuffles

2 sets

10 x KB power clean and press (arms core legs)
10 x KB Ribbons (upper body)
10x Swiss Ball Jack knives
10x KB row / Incline , decline push ups
Resisted Run 2 laps of 25 meter.

2 Sets

30 box jump (Legs)
15 Good Mornings MB (back)
10 x MB pass and swap (Chest pass then run swap sides with partner then chest pass again)
flutter kicks – scissors kick – leg raises 20-20-10
2 x Sprint (or Footwork combo)


  • Awesome workout, Very hard though… make sure to take a few small breaks for water. 1-7 shuttle + 100 bag punch

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