Mid week cardio CT session

Activity: CT
Training Partner: Dion and Theresa
Calories intake: 2585 cals
Exercise calories: 428 cals


KB – KettleBell , MB – Medicine Ball , SSet: super set

3 sets

30x Kb Swing (core shoulder)
100 punch (shoulders arms )
10 x KB high pull (back Lats)
5 ps x Rolling Pistol (legs)
100 skips

2 sets

10 x KB Ribbons (obs core)
20 x MB lunge and twist (legs core)
10x Lateral burpee (legs chest arms)
30 mountain climbers (legs core)
5 x  Lateral Shuttles

3 Sets

SSET: 20 x crunch and punch + 10 Impact crunch (core arms)
10ps Kettlebell side bends (obs)
10 x KB military press
10x Jab cross round kicks
25 M sprint


  • Fair bit of time explaining the techniques but thats ok still a good session but not as hard as usual sessions.

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