KB Conditioning Session – Back to it!

Training Partner:: NA
Calories intake:  2780 cal
Exercise calories:  302 cal


KB – KettleBell , MB – Medicine Ball , SSet: super set , ps = Per side

3 set:

50 x mountain climber
20 x medicine ball slams
20 x Medicine ball side slams
10 x KB circle
100 x rope turns

3 SET:

20 x Kb Swing
20 x KB row
10 x KB figure 8’s
10 x Lateral burpee
(no rest between set)


20 x 60cm box jump
10 x up down planks
10 x DB T-pushups
100x MB toe taps
15 x Bag slams

NOTE: It has been approximately 3 months since my last actual CT session. Very surprising outcome. I am using much heavier weights but i am getting gassed earlier than usual. Time to ramp the training back up i think. I have new equipment my new 8kg medicine ball is actually a sand ball. So no bounce and the weight shifts inside the ball so it’s a different beast to use.

PROTIP:  Having oatmeal and milk before training is a bad idea.  Had to have a mini 2min break at 19min due to almost vomiting.

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