End cycle CT, At last :)

Current cycle: Cut Conditioning / HiiT Cardio and CT 4 times a week
Activity:  Conditioning , MMa styled
Training Partner: N/A

Calories intake: 2411 cals
Exercise calories: 323 cal

4 Sets

10x KB 21’s Swings , Lat raise , Bent over Fly (upper)
10x KB power clean and press (whole body)
10x KB figure 8’s (back , arms)
10x KB Walking Over head Lunges
Rest 45 sec to 60 sec

3 Sets

40sec x Plank (core)
12 x Burpees (whole Body)
50 x mountain climbers (legs)
30sec x High Knee Drill (legs cardio)
4x5M Lateral jump forwards
45 sec rest

3 Sets

10x KB Ribbons
5mx4 KB spider planks
10x KB russian twist
10x KB Dead Lift
Skipping 40 seconds.


  • Last full time CT session, this is an end to the cutting cycle and back to a bulk cycle from Friday. I need about 4-5 days recovery to begin a new cycle  :)
  • This was a hard session for me even though in theory it wasn’t that hard, definitely need some rest

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