CT – Weight free Martial arts based

Activity:  CT
Training Partner: DION
Calories intake: 2466 cals
Exercise calories: 530ish cals

I said iw as taking it easy this week, yeh.. when i start i can’t stop, what can i say. Different Idea using 0 weights today.


3 set

100 x Fast boxing
20 x knees / rnd 2 kick / rnd 3 round kick
20 x box jump , /rnd 3 alternate box jump (like a stair climb)
2×5 meters High Knee lateral run (Knees high running on the spot but moving to the side)
5m Hurdles (high knee jumps)

2 Sets
10 x Flat to up boxing with 4 hit combo
10 x random boxing combo / with kicks
20 crunch and punch / rnd 2 crunch and elbow
30-20-30 boxing combo (30 sec box fast , 30 fast box with high knee, 30 all you got knock out punches

1 Sets

5x MMA get ups

10 – 1 Sets
10,9,8,7,6,5 Pushup + run (20m)
5 4 3 2 1 Burpee and run (20m)


  • Little time was lost in teaching combo and punching and kicking technique otherwise it was a solid session, 500 cals isn’t shabby
  • Up the sets to 3 if you are cardio fit 🙂



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