CT – Variety

Activity: CT
Training Partner: Matt
Calories intake: 2710 cal
Exercise calories: 400 cal
Motivation level : High
Energy Level: High
Sleep – 8.5 hr

KB – KettleBell , MB – Medicine Ball , SSet: super set , ps = Per side , TRX = Using TRX suspension system

2 set

10 x KB Clean and press (back shoulder)
10(ps) x KB circles (core obs)
15 x Wall Hold + KB lift (legs delt)
10 x TRX Y delt raise (delts)
10(ps) x KB windmills (core lat obs)
10(ps) X KB lunge
Skipping x 100

3 set

5 (ps) x Turkish get up (whole)
10 x KB Ribbons (Shoulder)
10(ps) X KB row (back)
20 (PS) X KB one handed Swings. (chest core)
10 X TRX walk outs. (lats back)
1/5 Shuttles with KB (legs shoulder)

1 set

10 x Focus pad combos
20 x Impact crunch
20 x crunch and punch
10 X Flat stand boxing + Push ups
20 (ps) x round kick
20 x TRX mountain climber.
30-30-30 boxing

: NONE (spine feeling heaps better)
Notes: Almost 30c with 80%+ humidity made the air like soup today. So today was tougher than usual. Sweating my anus off. Still good session overall even though we didn’t get at least 3 sets of each. Trying to keep the session to 45 mins. I miss these session where i’m pushed to puking points. It’s been a while. Back to it soon after bulky bulk ends.

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