CT – Quick kettlebell session + HiiT

Activity:  CT
Training Partner: N/A
Calories intake: 2496 cals
Exercise calories: 206 cals + 120 dw + ~350 karate


KB – KettleBell , MB – Medicine Ball , SSet: super set , PS: Per side

All exercise sets 15 seconds rest after each set

4 Sets

25 x Kb Swing
20 x KB power cleans + Press
10ps X SOTS press
5ps X KB circle
5ps X KB Ribbons
Rest : 15 secs

2 Sets

20 x KB renegade row
20 X KB Dead Lift
5ps X KB figure 8’s
5ps X KB Diagonal chops


  • Tough little session, quick and painful 🙂
  • HRM didn’t measure any data for 5 mins at the start, didn’t sync with the strap. So an extra 40-60 cals were burned in that time.

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