CT – Quick and Painful

Activity:  CT
Training Partner: BEN
Calories intake: 2522 cals
Exercise calories: 296 cals
SLEEP : 10hr

Tried to keep this about 35 mins long


KB – KettleBell , MB – Medicine Ball , SSet: super set , PS: Per side

3 Sets

20 x KB swings (24kg)
10 x KB Circles (16kg)
20 x KB step and press (12kg x 2)
10 x A frame situp (7kg)
5 x KB lateral shuffle

2 Sets

20 x Spider push ups
10 x Rolling Pistol
20 x Impact crunches
10x burpee + lateral Jump (both people burpee then one pops up and jumps over and then the first guy repeats, kinda like leapfrog)
5x Hill run Resisted (Resist up, recover down)


  • Made this session quick and sweet
  • Was intense i felt like puking a couple of times during the hill runs particularly
  • Cardio is down a little from the last full CT i did which was a few weeks ago.


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