CT – MMA CT Killer

Current cycle: Bulk / CT once  a week
Activity: CT
Training Partner: Louise

Calories intake: 2867 cals
Exercise calories: 688 cals (would of been over 700 cals because i shut it off exactly when we finish. I took about 4-5 mins to recover to normal leavels)

KB – KettleBell , MB – Medicine Ball , SSet: super set

Try this work out , will help with punching , and power for the knee strikes.

3 sets

10 x one arm overhead snatch (shoulder back)
10 x MB throw + catch & burpee  (whole body chest)
10 x weighted ladder circuit (core legs) [ jump forward then to side and forward on mats making a S pattern then bear crawl back to start]
1 x MB round the world (core shoulder back)
25 m KB shuttle Thirds. (arms legs) [run 1/3 way then put KB down return to start then , pick up take to next 3rd and repeat]

2 Sets

50x High knee + bag punch
10x Rolling Pistol (5ps)
10ps x  Kick on bag
20x hook jab block combo.
25m Resisted knees

2 Sets:

30 x Impact Crunch
SSet:  10 x  1 box jump / 1 step up knee
10 KB Dead Lift
10 KB Squat
25m resisted bear crawls


  • VERY hard workout , Look at the AVG HR. Very high.
  • Didn’t Feel muscle fatigue until way after workout.
  • Recovery is excellent you can see from my data my 1 and a bit min rest in the middle,  175 – 110 in less than two mins.

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