CT – KB and cardio

Activity: CT
Training Partner: NA
Calories intake: 2905
Exercise calories: 308


KB – KettleBell , MB – Medicine Ball , SSet: super set , ps = Per side

3 Set-

20x Kb Swing
5ps x KB T getups
5PS x KB windmill
10 x KB Ribbons
1Min spint

3 Set - 3rd set double everything

10 x Bag slam
10 x GNP bag combo (10-1 punching)
10 x KB renegade ROW
10 x box jump (60cm)
100x Skips

2 Set

1min Plank (normal and X)
10 x 5 stage leg raise
10ps x MB around legs.

NOTES: Not a SUPER hard session but it does get the cardio going.

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