CT – Karate / TRX work

Training Partner: Matt
Calories intake: 3400 cals
Exercise calories: 313 + 252 cals
Motivation level : High
Energy Level: High
Sleep: – 11 hrs
IF: – 16hrs

Martial arts session

Combinations With 40 pound resistance on legs

Combo #1: on Pads, Jab, Cross , front kick (person with pad is working on evasion of kick and guard work).
Combo #2: on Pads: Jab, Cross, hook, hook, uppercut, Knee
Combo #3: On shield: Driving round kick to side knee or thigh x 10 per side (heavy and fast) / Round kick head level (Fast reps)
Combo #4: On Paddle: Focus round kicks
Combo #5: On shields : Jab jab Hook punch (other person swings) (Duck / Block) Switch Flying knee
Combo #6: Working on flowing kicks and balance an form: On paddles Round to back to hook kicks.
Combo #7: Work on timing for guards and proper evasion: block block evade Random kick (moving forward)

Notes: Pretty impressed with accuracy since i haven’t worked on those tiny focus paddles for a while, resistance was awesome made sure the hips were used in the kicks.

Training Partner: Louise
KB – KettleBell , MB – Medicine Ball , SSet: super set , ps = Per side , TRX = Using TRX suspension system

2 Sets

20 x Kb Swing (Core Shoulders)
10 x KB row (BAck, tris)
20 x KB figure 8’s (shoulders back)
10 x KB lunge (legs)

2 Sets

15 x TRX 45deg Pushup (chest back)
20 x KB High Pull(shoulder)
10 x TRX Reverse Flys (back)
20 x KB Circles (core shoulder)
10 x TRX Body Saw (lats back)
10 X TRX PIKE (core)
10 X Rolling Pistol (legs)
10 X TRX Star Torso Rotation (arms)
10(ps) X TRX single leg squat

Today was all about learning the TRX, i thought the session was going to be harder but most of the time was teaching the use of it. After the 35 min i stopped the HRM, We went through another 15-20 mins of different TRX movements figuring out which ones are good and which ones are bad. Which ones i can do and ones louise can do. Over all it’s a great addition to the equipment but some of the moves are WAY too easy and Some are nearly impossible. I need to up my KB’s too as we are both getting through the KB stuff easy as. Today they felt so light, so i will by some heavier ones soon and upgrade lou to the next level up. Next week we will step it up again KB’s MB and TRX combined.

The exercises we tried after we stopped the training.

SL squat – Not too bad Could be hard work during a super set, but probably wont use it unless i work with someone new.
Balance Lunge – Excellent for Hip flexor work
Hip Abduction – Core and hip flexors work, not to bad fair easy. Maybe use on the last set of a workout.
45 deg Chest Press – Pretty easy but arms shaking all over the joint near the bottom of the rep, but it wasn’t hard.
Back Row – Was to easy considering the amount of heavy rowing i do normally, i most likely wont use these.
Y delt Raise – Really works the traps and delt Very good.
High bicep curl – Way to easy again, wont use will do KB versions
Tricep Press – Feels a bit retarded , wont use these
Walk outs – Insanely awesome , you need a strong core and shoulders for this.
Jack Knife – I do these all the time on swiss balls so easy for me. But will use as i don’t have a ball in that room
Pull Through – Very interesting core exercise and it’s very good for lower abs. Will use.
Body Saw – God damn this is hard by awesome, put these in my routine for sure.
Spider planks – Not too bad i’ve done a bunch of these in the past with the TRX you need to keep steady so awesome work.
Floor Wipers – Nearly impossible for me but i’ll work on it.
Torso Rotation – Just crap. Hated it.
PIKE – Not to bad, another yoga styled core workout.
Muscle ups – I tried a couple but i didn’t set the locks up right and i slipped badly when it let go, but i’ll do these again.

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