Conditioning – Some new stuff

Current cycle: Bulk / CT once a week
Activity: CT
Training Partner: Louise

Calories intake: 2263 cals
Exercise calories: 612 Cals + 120cal

2 Sets

10 x MB Pass + burpee (arms chest)
10 x MB over unders (core arms)
25 meter Resisted Kicks (legs core)
20 Alt staggered Pushups (chest arms)
30 sec Planks (core body)

2 Sets

Resisted lateral shuttle x 10 (core legs) (using a belt or resistance band to resist doing a shuttle)
KB lateral shuttle x 10 (core back legs)  (shuttling sideways taking kettle bell 5 meters and then shuttle back then repeat)
5 punch – 1 Pushup x 10 – DB punch and push up (shoulder , chest)
10 x side control to GNP (4 punches) (whole body)
20 x Heavy bag push and catch. (arms)
20 x Crunch + elbow or crunch and punch using a bag between legs (simulating in guard)

3 Sets

10 x KB Turkish gets ups
10 x KB squats and press
20 x KB Swings
20 x box Step Ups
5M shuttles


  • Very hard workout, almost quit on the second last set.  Shattered
  • Slight annoyance of my knee on the GNP

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