Current cycle: Bulk , cardio limited to Hiit twice a week
Activity:  Conditioning , Martial arts
Training Partner: Dion

Calories intake: 2205 cal
Exercise calories: 402 cal


3 Sets:

1a: 10x punch on bag + 1 full squat x 5
1b: 2 0m sprint x 2
2a: Kb Swing x 20
2b: 20m sprint x 2

2 Sets :

1a: 1 minute: Hook and Jab work on pads
1b: 20 meter sprint x2
2a: 10x/ps Front kick on bag
2b: 20m x 2 resisted Running with belts

2 Sets :

1a: 20kg Russian Twists
1b: 20 x KB upright row
1c: 20 meter sprint x 2
1d: 10x floor press KB then get up to ready position and back down x 5
1e: 20 meter sprint x 2

1 Set:

1a: 5 MMA styled GET ups (one person starts from star fish position laying flat then other person resists them trying to get up)


  • Finished off with 15 mins self defense lessons

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