Advanced CT

Current cycle: Cut Conditioning / HiiT Cardio and CT 4 times a week
Activity:  Conditioning , MMA styled
Training Partner: Louise

Calories intake: 1805 cals (doh forgot to eat lunch due to visitors , will have a nice breakfast tomorrow)
Exercise calories: 560 cal + 100 DW

4 sets

20 x DB Punch Walk (shoulders Core)
15 x Inclined Pushups (back tri’s core)
100 x bag punch (arms)
10 PS KB or MB Circles (core , obliques shoulers)
10 PS KB or MB woodchop (Diag) (back , core shoulder)
30 sec rest on end of second set


10x KB upright row (shoulders)
10x wrestlers Sit out (core back arms)
100 rope turns (cardio)
10x KB Power clean + Press (legs , back arms  shoulders)
30 sec – 1 min rest

3 sets :

25×2 m Resisted Run / kicking / KNEES (Legs , Core)
10 Burpees (continuous) (arms , core , legs)
25x 2 Resisted Push (Legs)
NO rest until set 3 complete (rest 1 min)

3 Sets:

10 x KB Dead Lift (back , hamstrings)
20 x Kb Swing (chest, shoulders, arms )
10 X Squat then kick bag (Legs)
10 x Alt Jump Squat (Legs)

1 min rest


  • Very hard workout again
  • Make sure KB or MB Circles are using straight arms , using the obliques to slow the rate of decent.

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