Advanced Conditioing – Endurance

Current cycle: Bulk / CT once  a week
Activity: CT
Training Partner: Louise

Calories intake: 1998 cals
Exercise calories: 429 Cals

KB – KettleBell , MB – Medicine Ball , SSet: super set

2 Sets

10 x KB Squat and Press + ct section (1 snp + Sprint 5 meters + 5 pushups, return)
20 x Kb Swing (shoulders , Chest )
40 x mountain climbers (legs and arms)
10 x Step Ups and KB FLOOR Press (legs and chest)
1 Partner shuttle thirds (legs)

2 Sets

5 per side , Plank to side plank star
10 x MB Lateral Side Squat with push out
10 x Spider push up Walk
10 PS figure 8’s MB
25m Lateral shuttle

3 Sets

10 MB around legs
10 KB circles
10 KB sots Press
10 MB KB side throws.


  • Very difficult after having weeks off, but this session was an ENDURANCE based session, each set should be about 10 mins.
  • Seemed to recover good even though it was very hot inside the training area.

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