CT Striking bases workout

Current cycle: Cut Conditioning / HiiT Cardio and CT 4 times a week
Activity:  Conditioning , MMA styled
Training Partner: Louise

Calories intake: 2145 cals
Exercise calories: 513 cal

3 Sets

10x KB power clean and press (legs , back arms ashoulders)
50 Rope turns (cardio)
20 x Kb Swing (chest, shoulders, arms )
50 Rope Turns (cardio)
10 PS Front Kick bag (legs)
50 Rope turns (cardio)
10 PS Round Kick (legs)
50 Rope Turns (cardio)

3 Sets

20x DB Punch Walk (shoulders arms)
100x Strike (20 x punch hook short backfists elbows)
20 x Bag knees or Focus pad knees (legs)

5x ps side Turkish get-up (upper + core
50x moutain climbers
10x Impact crunches
15m x 4 squat lateral jump shuttle

1 Min Rest


  • There was another 3 set but it took ages to do these two sets, but it was still a big workout as you can see from the data

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