2012 NEW year CT

Activity: CT
Training Partner:: NA
Calories intake:  2653 cal
Exercise calories:  306 cal
Motivation level : High
Energy Level: High
Sleep – 5.5 hr

3 Set

25 x Kb Swing
20 x TRX One arm row with torso rotation
10x Lateral Burpees
5 circuit x Bag slam / GNP / Side control / GNP / Side control
10 x bag slams

3 Set

10 x Ladder Lateral Pushups
20 x Bag crunch and punch (elbow)
10 x Lateral Burpees
10 x TRX PLYO pushups / MB figure 8’s
Ladder circuit (3 circuit)

2 set
10 x 5 stage leg raise
10ps x MB around the legs
10 x KB circle
10 x MB Russian twist
Ladder circuit (5 circuit)

 Way to bring in the new year. A humid CT session. A little disappointed in this session . I am going heavy with the weights but dying during the endurance parts. So i am going to have to change the training up a bit. Try to get 2-3 cardio sessions  a week in. Only short ones. 20-30 mins. Plus a regular CT schedule.  I am slow during the ladders too so i need to get the legs moving fast. Good session to start the year and show where i need to improve and be less lazy in the endurance.

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