CT – New beginnings


Training Partner:: Dion
Calories intake:  3602 cal
Exercise calories:  350 cal
Motivation level : High
Energy Level: High
Sleep – 5.5 hr

2 set:

20 Bag Slam (arms , chest , back)
20 Start Throws (legs, Chest , arms)
20 Wall Throw (shoulders , arms)
20 Reach and Grab (core , lower core)
10 x TRX pushup
3 x ladder circuit

3 SET:

20 Kb Swing (Core Shoulders)
10 KB row (BAck, tris)
10 KB figure 8’s (shoulders back)
10 KB lunge (legs)
No rest between set


10 x kick punch boxing combo
20 x crunch and punch
20 x Box jumps
100 x  boxing combo

NOTE: Had a small toilet break (needed) during the second set of the second round.  wasnt a hard session but we are easing dion back into it.

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