Woah hit?

Activity: Hiit
Training Partner:: NA
Calories intake: 3205 cal
Exercise calories: 305+ cal

20 Mins HiiT Sprinting

1. Warmup 2 min
2. Sprint one minute (16km +) then walk 7km+ for 1 minute until 17 minutes
3. Walk 2 minutes
4. Sprint 2 minutes (16-18 km/h)
5. Cool down and stretch

NOTES: I was kind of dreading to think what would have become of my cardio ability as i checked and it’s been 6 weeks since my last HiiT session. Maybe i would get about 10 minutes before dying. Anyways cut the long story short, EASY as piss. I wasn’t breathing heavy once during the whole session i even got up to 18+km at the end. Once i stopped my HR returned to a low level within a minute. So i don’t know, but i’m pretty happy with that.

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