Well a week off so, go back easy ? Nahhhh !!!!

A little has happened this week, i got a new phone which rocks and i decided to give a few of the training apps a go on the phone, i have downloaded some running ones and some interval training apps i will review them over the next few weeks to let you know how they all are. These will be for android phones only though, screw apple (even though apps are available in both formats).  So as for the week off, i really DIDN’T have a week off i did CT on Wednesday and did some marathon training today instead of CT. So yeah, hardly a week off, but i only did 2 days this week and NO weights. Oddly i am really sore from just doing body stuff and no massive weights.  So lets get to it i guess……

I used endomondo today on my phone and used my HRM to track our run, i am NOT a runner by any means, i train for short bursts of high intensity (IE:  fight rounds) So running is difficult for me, but i can bust out a run when i need to, and i will admit i hate running, but it goes as a testament to my conditioning training i can just bust out a 10km run without really stopping! I only run more than 3km approximately one a month maybe more. So i think my effort is pretty good, even though as you can see on the data i started to struggle about the 8km mark. I wanted to keep my mates who are training for a marathon company, give em a push even though i am useless at at. I managed to keep up with Dan until about 7km, Then i died hard. I managed to keep lou company for the rest of the run.  I managed to work out how to merge endomondo data with my hrm data, so i get a pretty awesome summary.

NOTES: i love how fast i recovered when we stopped for 2 minutes so we could have a good drink at the 5km mark. i was Literally back to normal by then.

PS: Oh did i mention ……… this was at 5:30 am !!

Activity:  Marathon training (supporting role)
Training Partner: Dan and Louise
Calories intake: 2578 cals
Exercise calories: 832 + 110 cals

Exercises : 60 Mins run , dog walking 🙂

GPS from endomondo website



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