Weights again , upper body

Current cycle: Cut Conditioning / HiiT Cardio and CT 4 times a week
Activity:  Conditioning , MMa styled
Training Partner: N/A

Calories intake: 1971 cals
Exercise calories: 448 cal

Ramping up for a huge weekend of mma conditioning so i though i would do upper body instead, after this week it’s a rest week and then back to bulk / weights cycle.

4 Sets x 10

1: Incline Bench (BB)
2: Hang Clean + Press (BB)
3: Cable Fly

3x 10
1: Weighted roman chair
2: 3×15 weighted crunch with twist
3: Leg raises
4: Hanging Leg Raises


  • After only having 1 day rest this week , i had a little trouble doing weights today.
  • Will be good to get back to a 3 day wieghts / 2 day CT again.

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