w9 Deads

Activity: weights
Training Partner: NA
Calories intake: 3274
Exercise calories: 298

Barbell Deadlift (80.0×10,100.0x6,140.0×3,145.0x3,160.0×1,180.0x1,185.0×0)
Straight Arm Push Down (60.0×12,60.0x12,65.0×12)
Dumbbell Lateral Raise (35.0×10,35.0x10,35.0×10,35.0x10)
Bent Over Low Pulley Side Lateral (25.0×10,30.0x10,25.0×10)

Damage: Rhomboids again. Very tight back
 Decided on maxing out on deads today, and i got my 180kg again and it went up EASY. I had my power lifting mate watch while i lifted. He said i had a perfect form pull which was nice. I tried 185 but the setup was wrong and i couldn’t get it. Pretty happy though :).

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