W8 Legs shoulders + stair circuit!

Activity: Weights
Training Partner: Arun
Calories intake: 3290 cal
Exercise calories: 316 + 310 cal
Motivation level : High
Energy Level: High
Sleep – 7.1 hr

Barbell Squat (60.0×12,120.0x2,110.0×5,100.0x6,80.0×10) (pb) *
Hang clean + push press (40.0×10,40.0x10,40.0×10) (pb) *
Dumbbell Lateral Raise (25.0×10,25.0x10,25.0×10)
Dumbbell Front Raise (25.0×10,30.0x10,30.0×10)*
Standing Calf Raises (160.0×10,180.0x10,200.0×10,225×10)* (pb)
Seated Calf Raise (60.0×12,80.0x12)
Bent Over Low Pulley Side Lateral (20.0×10,22.5×10,25.0x10*
Lying Leg Curls (65.0×10,65.0x10,65.0×10)

Damage: Left finger

Notes: Finally back to 1.5 x BW squats ! Pretty happy! that’s equal to previous PB. Now i just got to get the amount of reps back up to a decent amount for the rest of the sets. The lift didn’t seem heavy at all but i am slightly struggling with the up phase just above parallel in my hips. Got to investigate that. On the second rep on the squats, as on que my underwear ripped from ass to junk again. This is coming par for the course lol. Hang clean an press. I haven’t done them in AGGGGES but i remember why they are such a good exercise. They are very taxing for sure. I will be keeping them in the next phase of training. Getting to a point where i’m starting to get more aggressive trying to push the limits every time. SO rock on. Also beat my calf raise PB today. Try to get to 3x BW on that soon.

Activity: Stair circuit
Partner: Louise

SESSION: The plan was 10 sets of stairs – 100m run/sprint 10 – 1 45 cm box jumps
NOTES:I thought it would of been much harder than it was. Stairs didn’t feel like too much of an issue even after todays leg session.
The 100 meter run sprints is where it made it tough. Good cardio session for sure avg hr was 154! But it wasn’t anything like previous weeks!

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