W7 legs

[NO hrm]

Activity: Weights
Training Partner: Arun
Calories intake: 2930 cal
Exercise calories: 300 cal
Motivation level : High
Energy Level: VERY HIGH!
Sleep – 7.7 hr

Barbell Squat(60.0×12,110.0×5,100.0×7,90.0×10,80.0×10)
Lying Leg Curls (60.0×10,60.0×10,60.0×10)
Seated Calf Raise(60.0×12,80.0×12,90.0×10,90.0×10)
Barbell Shoulder Press (40.0×10,50.0×8,50.0×7,40.0×10)
Dumbbell Front Raise (25.0×10,25.0×10,25.0×10)
Dumbbell Lateral Raise (25.0×10,25.0×10,25.0×10)
Bent Over Low Pulley Side Lateral (20.0×10,15.0×10,17.5×10)

Damage: Left finger, Lower back.

Notes: Pretty bad DOMS in my back at the moment so the squats were scary to say the least! But once again, pretty good session over all.

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