W6 power upper

Activity: Weights
Training Partner: Dave
Calories intake: 2812 cal
Exercise calories: 325 cal
Motivation level : High
Energy Level: High
Sleep –10 hr

Barbell Bench Press (60.0×12,80.0x5,80.0×5,80.0x5,70.0×10)
Barbell Bent Over Row (60.0×10,80.0x6,85.0×5,85.0x6,70.0×10)
Barbell Shoulder Press (40.0×10,55.0x5,55.0×5,55.0x5,40.0×10)
Barbell Shrug (140.0×10,180.0x6,180.0×6,160.0x8,160.0×8)
Dip (0.0×10,0x10,0x10,0.0×10,0.0x10)
Pullups (0.0×8,12.5×5,12.5×3,0x8,0x2)
DAMAGE:  Hip misalignment. Did a set of deads while waiting for dave and i can still feel it. So off to get it done tomorrow.

NOTES:Upper body has suffered alot of the last two weeks with the injury and setbacks but i will just have to get it back up to par.

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