w5 – back to randomness

Activity: Weights / Bike
Training Partner:  Dave
Calories intake: 2632  cal
Exercise calories: 370 cal
Motivation level : High
Energy Level: High
Sleep:  7hrs

Barbell Full Squat (60.0×10,80.0x10,100.0×5,110×5,110.0x3,60×10)
Leg Press (200.0×5,240.0x6,260.0×5,280.0x5,300×2,140.0x20)
Seated Calf Raise (105×12,120.0x8,120.0×8,120.0x10,120.0×10)
Lying Leg Curls (62.5×8,62.5×10,62.5×10)

Leg Raise (0.0×10,0.0x10,0.0×10,0.0x10)
Plate Twist (10.0×20,10.0x20,10.0×20,10.0x20)

Cardio: Bike 10 mins steady state at 95-100 rpm

Notes: well another bad start to the week. After JKD this week i went to sleep to wake up with my wrist (which had stitches in there). Open and bleeding. I get tot he doctor and he said “oh it will probably heal by itself”. He pondered for a minute or two.  “actually no, we will just put a stitch in there to fix it up”. So as he is about to stitch it up the whole wound fell apart to the size it was last week. So i had to get the whole thing restitched. He banned me from lifting with my arms for at least a week.  So i am back to random workouts … no arms allowed.

Did a leg session today, my hips and back still sore but not as bad. I still feel like my hips aren’t aligned properly which cause a struggle in the squat area.  But i had a good session over all leg press and calf raises were decent with a PB on the calves. I forgot my running shoes on the table so i couldn’t do my hiit sprints today so i will maybe make up for it tomorrow.


Just before it popped full apart again

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