w5 back arms

Activity: Weights
Training Partner: Arun
Calories intake: 2961 cal
Exercise calories: 377 cal
Motivation level : High
Energy Level: High
Sleep – 9.5 hr

Barbell Deadlift (70.0×12,110.0x8,162.5×3,150.0x5,110.0×8) *
Wide-Grip Rear Pull-Up (0.0×8,0.0x6,0.0×5)
Chin-Up (0.0×6,0.0x8,0.0×5)
Straight Arm Push Down (52.5×10,62.5×10,72.5×10)*
Full Range Of Motion Cable Lat Pulldown (40.0×10,60.0x8,60.0×8,60.0x8)*
Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown (60.0×8,75.0x12,60.0×8)

30s (17.5×30,17.5×30,17.5×30,17.5×30)
Seated Triceps Overhead Press (22.5×15,22.5×15,20.0x15,22.5×15)

EZ-Bar Curl (close) (30.0×12,30.0x12,30.0×12)
Rope Pushdown (30.0×15,40.0x15, 40.0×15)

Preacher Curl (Wide) (30.0×10,30.0x10,30.0×15,40.0x8)

* increased since last workout
+ decreased since last workout

Damage:  Nothing today.

NOTES: Feels good. Beast mode activated on the deads. Missing the cable rows for now so i am substituting a cable reverse fly Pull Down. It’s a pretty good exercise. I also omitted bent over rows this week. Hope to ramp up to 170 dead in the next couple of weeks. I am just trying to keep excellent form and save my back from being ruptured into a million pieces. Trying to dominate on the arms for a few weeks just because.

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