w5 back and arms


Activity: Weights
Training Partner: ARUN
Calories intake: 2,540 cal
Exercise calories: 300 cal
Motivation level : High
Energy Level: High
Sleep – 8.0 hr

Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown (55.0×12,65.0x10,70.0×8,80.0x6)
Barbell Bent Over Row (50.0×10,55.0x10,55.0×10,55×12)+
Cable Seated Row (45.0×12,60.0x10,65.0×10,65.0x10)
Close-Grip Front Lat Pulldown (55.0×12,60.0x10,65.0×10)
Cable Lying Bicep Cable Curl (50.0×15,50.0x15,50.0×12,50.0x10)
Cable Triceps Pushdown (40.0×25,50.0x20,50×15)
21s (15.0×21,15.0x21,15.0×21)
Seated Tricep Dip (65.0×12,75.0x10,85.0×10,95.0x8)

Extras: BB russian twists at 20kg 3×20
Cable flys 30kg per arm by 12 by 4 set

* increased since last workout
+ decreased since last workout

Damage:  LEFT Hand middle fingers. still swollen and sore

NOTES: Had a few minutes before training partner arrived so i did a few different exercises to try out for next cycle. BB Russian twists etc. The rest of the session was pretty good considering the hand. Few exercises i were a little uncomfortable, i used some straps to try to let the pressure off my hand but some of them i couldn’t take the pressure at the higher weight so i put a few more reps in to compensate. Hopefully it will all be better in a couple of weeks.

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