w4 – chest arm

Activity: Chest arms
Training Partner: NA
Calories intake: 2870
Exercise calories: 299

Session : Weights


Dumbbell Incline Bench Press (45.0×10,45.0x10,45.0×10)
Cable Incline Fly (30.0×11,30.0x10,30.0×20,30.0x10) * set 3 – 45 seconds then a reps until failure
Straight Arms Dumbbell Pullover (15.0×18,20.0x9,22.5×10)
Barbell Close Grip Bench Press (35.0×11,30.0x12,30.0×12)
Preacher Curl (30.0×12,30.0x11,30.0×12)
Cable Triceps Pushdown (50.0×20,50.0x20,50.0×20)

Other training-

Speed BB bench (60.0×10,65.0x10,65.0×10,80.0x1)

TRISET:Dumbbell Concentration Curls (17.5×10,17.5×8,17.5×8)
Chin-Up (0.0×10,0.0x8,0.0×8)
Cable Cross Over (80.0×10,80.0x10,80.0×10)

* = Increases
~ = Decreases

DAMAGE:  Nothing

NOTES: Time under tension for the next 4 weeks on the non power days. Trying to at least 45-50 seconds time. 4 second eccentric, 2 second pause , 1 second concentric. Felt the burn hardcore today.

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