w4 – back bi

Activity: Weights
Training Partner: N/A
Calories intake: 2522 cals
Exercise calories: 220 cals

Day 2 – Biceps, Back, Traps

2 sets of pullups to failure
4 x 10 Lat pulls (all out set)
3 x 10 Barbell shrugs (all out set)
3 x 10 Plate Halos
3×10 Roman Chair back extension (all out set)
4 x 10 Seated Rows (all out set)
4x 10 EZ bar Curls (all out set)

3×20 Swiss ball Crunches


  • Added a ALL out set to promote muscle growth on the last set. We will see how it goes.

testing out new app for my weights:

Pullups to failure (20 14)
Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown 1rm (84kg) (62.5×9,55.0x10,55.0×10,70.0x6)
Cable Seated Row 1rm (88.66kg) (52.0×10,52.0x10,55.0×10,70.0x8)
Barbell Bent Over Row 1RM(69.66) (45.0×10,45.0x10,50.0×10,55.0x8)
Barbell Shrug 1rm(186.66)100.0×10,120.0x10,140.0×10 (just started these so need to increase this)
Plate halo 1rm(26.66) (20.0×10,20.0x10,20.0×10)
Back Extensions 1RM(26.66) (10.0×10,10.0x10,20.0×10)
Crunches (0x20,0.0×20,0.0x25)
EZ Bicep Curl 1RM(58.33) (40.0×10,40.0x10,40.0×10,50.0x5)

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