W3 – Power up

Activity: Weights
Training Partner: NA
Calories intake: 2950
Exercise calories: 370 + 212 + 360
Session : weights 1-2 warmup sets @40% 1rm.

Warmup1: 100 KB single hand swings @ 16kg

Barbell Bench Press (60.0×5,70.0x5,80.0×5,85.0x5,85.0×5,60.0x8) ~
Barbell Bent Over Row (70.0×8,80.0x6,85.0×6,90.0x5,90.0×6) *
Barbell Shoulder Press (60.0×5,60.0x5,62.5×3,62.5×3,65.0x2,60×1) * (PB)
Pullups (12.5×6,15.0x5,20.0×5,15.0x5,15.0×5) * (PB) (1RM)
Dip (15.0×6,20.0x6,25.0×5,30.0x4,20.0×6) *(1RM) (PB)
Standing Biceps Cable Curl(65.0×10,65.0x12,65.0×12) *
Barbell Shrug (160.0×10,180.0x10,180.0×10,180.0x10)*
Cable One Arm Tricep Extension (25.0×10,30.0x12,30.0×12)* (1rm)

* = Increases
~ = Decreases

DAMAGE:Muscles around rhomboids and surrounding areas.

NOTES: Fuark! feeling strong this morning. I think last month i most of broken my nervous system as i had constant fatigue, strength loss, stress etc etc. The last week i just felt awesome, no tiredness, focused and strong. Breaking a few PB’s so i am happy as. Doing a small CT session this arvo then karate. I hope this trend continues. Bench is the only lift down at the moment. No spotter and the muscles in the back are interfering with the lift.

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