w2 CT 1

Activity: CT
Training Partner: Carissa
Calories intake: 2950
Exercise calories: ~300

2013-03-29 CTHIT

Session : CT

Set 1:  10 rounds for time

20x air squats
10 x push up
10-1 Burpees (10 9 8 etc)

TIME : 8:13

Sets 2: 5-1’s

100-80-60-40-20 Focus Pad punching
30-20-20-15-10 Crunch
20-20-15-15-10 MB Pass
10-10-10-10-10 MB slams

Time: 10:19 (wasted time getting mits on)

Set 3:

200 x KB swings (20L/20R)

Time : 5:02

NOTES: For some reason i thought my gym was open today. So i get my stuff ready have some crazy pre workout. Get to gym and it’s closed. So i drive home but i am pumped as shit to doa workout. Call my sister to see if she is up for a workout. She comes over straight away. As you know my mate is in that fitter faster strong competition. She sent me the workout on thursday with her time of 10:18. So i thought i would give it a crack even though legs a little tender. BOOOOOOOOOM 8:13. Still pumped i decided to continue on and so some other stuff while i was feeling energetic.  Good session. I have a feeling my lumbar will be sore tomorrow but. Total workout was about 38 mins but i stopped the HRM between sets.

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