W1 – Back bi

Activity: Weights
Training Partner: NA
Calories intake: 2012 cal
Exercise calories: 333 cal
Motivation level : High
Energy Level: Average
Sleep – 7 hr

Chin-Up (0.0×10,0.0x8,0.0×10)
Barbell Bent Over Row (60.0×10,65.0x8,65.0×8,65.0x8) ~Trying to keep strict form here
Barbell Deadlift (100.0×10,120.0x6,170.0×0, 160×0, 140.0×3,100.0x5)
Straight Arm Push Down (50.0×10,50×10,50×10,50×10)
Cable Seated Row (60.0×10,70.0x10,75.0×10)*
Drag Curl (20.0×10,20.0x10,20.0×10)
Standing Biceps Cable Curl (50.0×10,60.0x10,75.0×10)*
Decline crunches (0x20,0x20,0x20)
Hanging Leg Raise (0.0×15,0.0x10,0.0×10,0.0x10)

* increased since last workout
+ decreased since last workout

Damage:  I smashed my finger on my steering wheel on the way to gym. Hurt like hell! Affected my chin ups!

NOTES: Week off was great i feel super rested and ready to rock this. I received some pre workout power from my protein purchase so i decided to give it a go. I usually have bizarre effects from Pre workout supps. Mainly crazy heart or massive pumps which freeze my muscles. So we would see how we go.
I had better focus but i did get some major bicep pump in my arms during the whole session. I’ll give it a few goes before deciding if it’s worth it for me. I have enough focus and intestinal fortitude to do my workout without supps. I noticed my heart rate is a little erratic over the data today though and i felt it. Todays session how ever was decent! A couple of increases over my last workout a week ago. Dead lifts is where i fell short today i was trying for my 1rm (170kg). I put up very 120kg easily today so i was fairly confident i could pull this up. I had to put something decent on my headphones to try. 170kg on the bar. I put on my cool face and walk up to the bar. Set up my hands and legs. LIFT!!!!! Legs push, back comes into play. I get about 8cm off the floor that was it. Failed. No problem, it budged and i tried i only lifted 162.5kg previously. So i left it and put 160 on, which i have done a few times previously. Pull… Fail. Couldn’t even get off the ground. I used all my lifting power on 170 it seems. 140, 2reps FAIL! 100kg 3 reps FAIL. That was the end of dead lifts today haha. I’ll keep pushing for that 170 in the next couple weeks. So not bad for a first day back. Jumped on the foam roller for 10 mins, orgasmic muscle crunching action.

PS: Pretty sure i got a mild case of food poisoning today. I have 0 appetite and all i can taste in my mouth is the steak i had for lunch yesterday. So calories are a little low today.

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