w 11 – Lower 2 + mIT bike

Activity: Weights
Training Partner: NA
Calories intake: 2870
Exercise calories: ~560 (bike weights karate)


Bike (hill climbs)

2 mins recovery 1 minute climbs until 18 minutes the 3 minute recovery and 2 minute climb.
22 mins total


Barbell Deadlift (80.0×10,100.0x5,120.0×5,140.0x3,160.0×1,170.0x1,172.5×0, 60.0×12)
Barbell Hip Thrust (40.0×8,40.0x8,40.0×10,40.0x10)

DAMAGE: medium hip annoyance. I thought dead lifts would be severely affected today but it turned out ok.

NOTES: Just missed my PB attempt of 172.5 I got the bar to just over my knees when my left hand grip gave out 170 went up without too much effort if i didn’t have that grip issue i think i would of gotten up fairly well without too much straining my back felt really good. Trying to fix glute issues so i started doing BB hip thrusts as suggested. Apart from looking hilarious from the outside it’s a pretty hard exercise. I had issues with it pushing hard on my pubic bone area so it was very uncomfortable and i was using the padding on the bar too. But apart from that nice slow accent and decent and i could really feel the stretching in the glutes and hips.  I thought doing the bike first would help loosen up the hips and glutes. Which i think helped. The biking was fairly standard and i didn’t really struggle like i did last time. I think i might do 2 minute climbs from now on.

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