Quick HiiT session

Activity: Hiit
Training Partner:: NA
Calories intake: 2486 cal
Exercise calories: 332 cal
Motivation level : High
Energy Level: High
Sleep – 9.5 hr

23 Mins HiiT Sprinting

1. Warmup 2 mins
2. Sprint one minute (16km +) then walk 7km+ for 1 minute until 19 minutes
3. Walk 2 minutes
4. Sprint 2 minutes (16-18 km/h)
5. Cool down and stretch

I felt it today! It’s been a little while in between sessions. It felt more humid than usual in the room where i train. I upped the sprints .5km faster than usual and added a 1% incline. I did good until about minute 18 where i was definitely feeling the results of less cardio work i have been doing lately. Recovery times were a little longer than usual! The last 2 minute sprint was not good at all. I got to 1:20 and i started to move back on the treadmill. So i almost fell off it. This is the part where i am usually doing 18km an hour. Today i just couldn’t manage it. My HR is higher than it’s been in a while too. So i backed off before i fell off the treddie with 30 seconds to go. I guess it means i might have to come back to weekly HiiT to keep the level of cardio conditioning i want. That being said, It wasn’t a bad effort. (ranges 16.5 to 17.5km/h sprint walks were about 7km/h). Walking out of the cardio room soaked in sweat and feeling sweet!

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