pre week 1 – workout B

Activity: Weights / Muscle endurance Phase
Training Partner: Dave
Calories intake: 2687 cals
Exercise calories: 289 cals
Motivation level : Average
Energy Level: high
Sleep – 7.4 hrs – nice deep sleep until about 12am

Workout B (w1-w3: 3 x15 @ 30 sec rest – TEMPO 3-1-1)

Barbell Bent Over Row (30.0×15,30.0x15,30.0×15) *
Barbell Bench Press (40.0×15,40.0x15,40.0×15)
Pullups (0.0×15,0.0x8,0.0×8) (my worst exercise ever)
Hammer Curls (10.0×15,10.0x15,10.0×15)
Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown (32.0×15,40.0x15,40.0×15)*
Dumbbell Lying Triceps Extension (10.0×15,10.0x15,10.0×15)
Dumbbell Deadlift (40.0×15,40.0x15,40.0×15)*
Dumbbell Lunges (25.0×15,35.0x15,35.0×15)*
Hanging Leg Raise (0.0×15,0.0x15,0.0×15)
Exercise Ball Crunch (0.0×20,0.0x20,0.0×20)


  • Today was pretty good i was a bit tired from working but i got through not too bad
  • the 3-1-1 Tempo is intense right now giving me the craziest pump
  • Things marked with * means i can up these a fair bit next week
  • Chest was on fire (not in a good way) again tonight i think injury is there for sure now
  • I started to lose grip strength again around the wide grip Pull Downs, by the lunges i couldn’t use my left hand.
  • I hit 80.1kg today!

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