pre week 1 – workout A testing.

Activity: Weights / Muscle endurance Phase
Training Partner: Dave
Calories intake: 2577 cals
Exercise calories: 463 cals
Motivation level : very high
Energy Level: high
Sleep – Pretty broken sleep this night, still feel good today 7.5 hrs , NICE!

Workout A (w1-w3: 3 x15 @ 30 sec rest – TEMPO 3-1-1)

Barbell Squat (60.0×15,60.0x15,60.0×15)
Barbell Deadlift (70.0×15,70.0x15,70.0×15)
Dumbbell Incline Bench Press (20.0×15,20.0x15,20.0×15)
Cable Seated Row (40.0×15,40.0x15,40.0×15)
Dumbbell Incline Bench Press (20.0×15,20.0x15,20.0×15)
Close-Grip Front Lat Pulldown (35.0×15,35.0x15,35.0×15)
Barbell Shoulder Press (30.0×15,30.0x13,30.0×14)
Incline Dumbbell Curl (10.0×15,10.0x15,10.0×15)
Bench Dip (0.0×15,0.0x15,0.0×15)
Standing Calf Raises (100.0×15,100.0x15,100.0×15)
Barbell Shrug (80.0×15,80.0x15,80.0×15)
Hanging Leg Raise (0.0×15,0.0x15,0.0×15)


  • First week so trying to figure out the weight ranges, i am doing some completely different from the last program so i needed to guess what weights i needed to drop down to get the required reps then i can build it up from there. The TEMPO is the real killer on all the exercises. I had to drop the weights fairly dramatically to get a gauge but of course i will up them every week . Once we are back to the overload period i should be back on close the the weights i was on before. At the moment it’s pretty intense.
  • Squat, dead lift, seated row, Db curl, calf raises : can increase by 5-10 kg next week
  • I haven’t felt a burn like this in a long while, i think i might have a upper pec injury, it burned so much i had to stop lifting for a few seconds before i could start again.
  • Got insane pump in biceps today, felt like they were going to rip off my bones. my body was on FIRE.
  • Pretty hard workout overall, trying to keep to the rest period is hard especially with a partner, we did pretty well though.

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