Mount Warning

Activity: Hike training
Training Partner: alex
Calories intake: 2,761
Exercise calories: ~1000+

Session : Mt warning hike

2013-01-19 bfm

2013-01-19 METS

2013-01-19 warn


NOTES: We tried to go up as quick as possible. The bottom of the moutain was extremely warm even at 6am it was over 32deg and it wa so humid. It took the toll pretty quick so our run turned into a fast walk pretty quick. But the estimated 4.5hr round trip estimation was smashed. Our previous hike was 2hrs and 51 mins . This time it was just over 2hrs. (we stopped up the top to talk some people up there for about 20-30 mins before heading back). It was about 1hr 15 up and about 50 mins down.. but we wernt running down like we planned as alex’s knee stuffed up. I think we could of been down in about 30 mins if we ran.

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