MMA styled circuits

Activity: CT
Training Partner: Carissa
Calories intake:   2740
Exercise calories: ~750 (including other activities)

2013-02-17 mets


10 – 1  reps

tyre flips
MB slams
Box jumps (60 cm)
Ground and pound bag combo’s
x10 Skipping (100 – 10)

Resisted Bear Crawls 2x10m after each set.


NOTES: Pretty good session, relised my HRM wasn’t synced up so no heart rate for this activity. Wasn’t too stressful, bear crawls were awesome though. My sister isn’t really strong enough to get enough resistance. We hit a small mat that we use for the cars and she was using it like a toboggan i was dragging her along the garage. Must of looked funny.  I think i might try a tyre flippathon soon. Just for the fun.

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