Miserable Legs and shoulder workout!

[no HRM]

Activity: Weights
Training Partner:  NA
Calories intake: 2,800 cal
Exercise calories: ~209 cal
Motivation level : Low / Average
Energy Level: Average
Sleep – ~9 hr

Barbell Squat (70.0×12,82.5×10,92.5×8,102.5×6,110.0x3)+
Barbell Lunge (50.0×15,60.0x12)+
Barbell Shoulder Press (42.5×12,42.5×10,42.5×10,50.0x8)
Lying Leg Curls (52.5×15,55.0x10,65×10)
Seated Calf Raise (60.0×12,80.0x12,80.0×12,80.0x12)*

* increased
+ decreased

Damage: Left hand, two damaged fingers

Notes:So my hand is busted and i can not yet hold a barbell or DB at all in my left hand unless its a pushing type motion where i can use my palms to push. So i could not do a variety of exercises. Doctor said there isn’t any breaks so that’s good. But will require some time to heal so i cant imagine much will get done this week. I did work i could handle and what wasn’t painful, i tested each exercise motion with my hand. Result today was pretty poor, not sure exactly why maybe a nutritional thing. I did not eat well yesterday after a few issues popped up. I hope to recover this week and keep on keeping on.

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