Karate and fingers

Calories : ~350-400 cals

Did some quick cardio today bootcamp style. Then free sparring for 25 mins, then sports style sparing for 30 mins. During free spar, i did the most awesome block of a kick with a single finger! Then, at the same time an awesome sound echoed though the room some kind of popping sound…… it snapped!. So i now have a dislocated finger… it’s all back together but its looks like i have a sausage on my hand instead of a finger. Lucky i stopped the swelling pretty quick but i feel my lifts tomorrow are going to suffer cause i can’t grip the bar.

PROTIP: Don’t block kicks with fingers…. that is all.

update: There wasn’t any breaks but a irregularity in one of the joints but its not an issue, swelling has gone down but i can not hold anything yet. So i couldn’t lift on Monday.

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