Training day one!


Was sick with throat infection but wanted to test my new HRM So i did 20 minutes of interval sprints up and down streets. Slight up elevation on the last half of the training as you can see from the speed decrease.  Can notice the recovery as well having 8 weeks off cardio is not too good. Although i can use the excuse i am bulking and been on holiday



Food – 1900 calories (need to increase)
Exercise calories – 221 + 285

Sets: 4 each exercise Reps: 10-12 (last set to failure)
1. BB Military press
2. BB Upright Row
3. DB Lateral raises
4: : Calf raises
Set 3×10
1: Roman Chair lift
2: Hanging Leg Raise
3: Decline twisting oblique crunches

20 mins interval sprints
45 mins weights

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