Eiffel Tower Challenge – Stairs

Activity: Stairs
Training Partner: Louise
Calories intake: 2844 cal
Exercise calories: ~550 cal
Motivation level : High
Energy Level: High
Sleep – 9.0 hr

Today we decided to take on the Eiffel  tower challenge which is (1665 stairs). So we needed to complete 16 sets (up only)of the stairs we run with an elevation of 32 meters. The last time i ran it i was stuffed by 10 sets so 16 sets was going to be a challenge of the mind. We got the first 8 sets out no problems running up the steps. But i already had sore legs from squats and i started to slow down about set 10.  the next 3 sets were torture i ended up fast walking up the steps and coming down. Feeling i was going to upchuck my lunch. But stubbornly i kep on going on. We spurred each other along to finish the challenge the last 3 sets i had my second wind and began running up at least 1/2 of it. Anyways we get to the 16th one and just for kicks we did a 17th one just for good measure. Total steps achieved 1819 up 1819 down = 3638 total. When we stopped, straight away my both my legs started to shake violently. Felt so good. I think next time we going to try for 20 sets.

NOTES: HRM data off today … foot pod battery is low and the calorie count is WAYYYY off.




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