DL day 3 – Lower styles

Activity: Weights
Training Partner: Louise
Calories intake: 2780
Exercise calories: 300 cal

Deload lower -

Barbell Deadlift (70.0×5,80.0x5,100.0×5,120.0x5,140.0×5,100.0x5,100.0×5)
Box squat (70.0×10,80.0x10,80.0×10,80.0x10)
Bulgarian Squat (30.0×10,30.0x10,30.0×10)
Seated Calf Raise (90.0×12,90.0x12,90.0×12)
Lying Leg Curls (50.0×10,55.0x10,55.0×10)

DAMAGE: None (slight tight ITB)

NOTES: After my subpar effort in CT this morning, lou asked me to go to do some legs at the gym. I decided i got not much to do so i went. But then i got carried away again for a deload week.  Everything felt great today though dead felt and went up very light.

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