DL – Day 2

Activity: Weights
Training Partner: NA
Calories intake: 2790
Exercise calories: 421

Session : weights Deload – ~50%

Barbell Incline Bench Press (40.0×12,60.0x10,60.0×10,60.0x10)
Cable Incline Fly (40.0×10,40.0x10,40.0×10,40.0x10)
SSET: Dumbbell Bench Press (30.0×10,30.0x10,30.0×10)
Decline Push Up with Feet On An Bench (0.0×10,0.0x12,0.0×15)

Straight Arms Dumbbell Pullover (25.0×10,25.0x10,25.0×10)
EZ-Bar Curl (30.0×10,30.0x10,30.0×10)
Standing One-Arm Dumbbell Curl Over Incline Bench(10.0×10, 10×10,10×10)

 Cardio:  Row /  run sprints


500m row , 500m sprint 400m row, 400m sprint , 300m row , 300m sprint , 200m row , 200m sprint , 100m row , 100m sprint.


DAMAGE:  Left Hip annoyance is back.

NOTES: Just randomness @ 50%. Good session. Still feeling like i am not working hard! Super Slow reps on most exercises. Did a cardio sprint today and almost chucked up at the end but it wasn’t too hard really i have never done it before so i didnt know how fast to go. I also got stuck twice when my legs popped out during row and i accidentally stopped the treadmill instead of slowing it down. I think i could shave over a min off if i did it again.


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