CT – Sparticus

Activity:  CT, Rock climb
Training Partner: NA
Calories intake: 3085
Exercise calories: 602


ROCK CLIMBING: 1.5 hours.

Todays session:

Sparticus workout:

20 x KB goblet Squat
100 x MT climber
40 x Kb Swing
20 x DB T pushup
30 x Split squat jump
30 X KB row
30 X KB side lunge and touch
25 X KB  / DB Renegade Row.
26 X KB lunge twist
20 X KB press

Time : 14:56

Followed by

2 Set

10 x MB pass and Sprawl
20 X up Wall throws
sset: 10 X wrestler Sitout / 10 x Lateral burpee
SSet: 10x KB circle / 10x KB Ribbons

1 Set

5 x Boxing combo (6 hit Muay Thai combo then one KB TGU per side repeat)
5 x 5 Stage leg raise / Resisted Leg raise
Sset : 100 (combo) punches
100 skips

DAMAGE: Shoulders a bit sore today.

NOTES: Good Session. Sweating a bit, almost vommed up my lasagna. Rock climbing was ok. Did some new runs. All harder ones. Also did a couple of speed runs. Ct session was ok tried the sparticus workout. Wasn’t hard at all so i added some of my other CT stuff to the end. I’ll be CT’ing again a fair bit i think.

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