CT – Randomness

Activity: CT
Training Partner: Carissa
Calories intake: 3080
Est Cal burn: 3054

2013-09-22 hrm

2013-09-22 mets

3 rounds

20 x Kb Swing
20 x MB Slams
12 X Bag Sumo deadlift
12 X trx pushups
12 x KB snatch to lunge

Boxing COmbos – boxing + squat , boxing + lateral squat , boxing + crunch and punch x 10

2 rounds

10 x bag slams
10 x kb wood chops
1 min plank on MB ball

Damage: Arm and leg , back (traps)

NOTES:Slowly back to CT. Shoulder is insane at the moment. Phsysio is required i imagine. Sister has a torn tendon in the foot so no running or anything like that so that made the session a little light on the burning of calories. But still a good session really. I was puffing a little by the end.

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