CT – Randomness

Activity: CT
Training Partner: Carissa
Calories intake:   2950
Exercise calories: ~650 (including other activities)

2013-02-10 bfm

2013-02-10 HRM

2013-02-10 mets

2 set

20 x KB Swings
5mx2 Bear crawls Resisted
8ps x Gob squat to OH lunge
10ps x Rolling Pistol
5x5m x KB lateral Shuffle


10 x FF tyre flips + jumps
12 x MB slam
10 x TRX pushup
10 x KB over under
100x skips

10 x wrestler sit out
10 x abs roll out
10 x MB around the legs
10 x KB windmill
boxing combos

NOTES: took a bit longer than it should have but i am recording some video in the middle so it’s a little hard to keep it quick. I would estimate this would take about 32 mins all up. The tyre is about 40kg so it’s not HEAVY but it’s still a good workout.


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