CT – Back to the basics

Activity: CT
Training Partner: Carissa
Calories intake:   3750
Exercise calories: ~350

2013-03-26 CT


3 Rounds

20 x Kb Swing
5 x (ps) KB TGU
20 x MB slams
10 X burpee -> pullup
20 x Front bag kicks

3 rounds

10 x tyre flips
10 X MB Circles
10 x KB clean and press
10 X 4 punch -> Sprawl
2x5m Partner push


20 x crunch and punch
20 x MB russian Twist
10 x resisted leg raises
10 x wrestler sit out

Damage : Quads

NOTES: Couldn’t try the FFS challenge this week as i couldn’t even squat parallel yet. So just did some old school CT work. Bit weird, weight i used to do felt really light.

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