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April 2011

Weight 78.6kg Waist 83cm bf: 6.2 (still not convinced) Chest 104cm

Skin fold measure ments:

Chest: 4mm
Abs: 10 mm (still have a bit of loose skin in this area, but i am bulking to so maybe a bit of fat too)
bicep: 4mm
thighs: 8mm
tricep: 4mm
Suprailiac: 6mm
Midaxillary: 4mm
Subsapcular: 6mm

Well this last 5 weeks have been pretty huge. I had slowed down my CT training and picked up some more HiiT / MT / CT combination. This month i wanted to increase my strenghth and put on some more muscle mass. I think i might have been successful. My strength has gone way up.

DB Inc press went from 55kg to 70kg
Squats went from 90kg to 110kg (although i will probably break 120kg soon)
Dead lift went from 100kg to 140kg

Pretty happy with this progress, from next week i am going to try a different strategy so everything will drop down for a while while i go through i different phase of training.
I am definatly going to ramp up mt / CT training again in preparation for gradings.

FEBWeight : 78.6kg Waist 84cm BF: 7.3%(still think its about 10%) Chest 103cm


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